Questions From Actual Clients

  • What makes this course standout compared to others?

    Our program is fully comprehensive and allows you to fully engage in the learning with a 260+ page Workbook - we cover 27 traits that superior leaders require to create sustainable organizations, elevate and retain their talent and professionally transform themselves.

  • Compared to other programs, is your Leadership Development Program economical?

    YES! Our BUNDLE is 1/2 the average cost of the majority of programs available online. We give you over a years worth of information and applications to upsurge your career and/or organization.

  • Is your Leadership Development Program easy to successfully complete?

    The course is balanced in a way to challenge the learner at the same time not to fill them with unnecessary information. The basic formula for success in this program is to read a chapter and then do the Workbook one week and then do the APPLY WHAT YOU KNOW the next week. The program is self-paced to ensure the leader can effectively perform their professional duties while educating themselves on how to motivate a workforce.

  • Does your program offer a high ROI?

    The average Return on Investment on our Leadership Development Program is 7 times. Meaning, for every $1 you spend, you are likely to receive a reward of $7. We have had success stories with learning leaders that have made 15X, all the way up to 35X where they started - In less than 6 months!

  • What types of companies are using this program?

    Our Leadership Development courses are currently being utilized in small and large businesses all over the world. From the savvy entrepreneur that wants an edge to the large corporations that deal in the manufacturing, technology, financial industries. This program will align all of your leaders at once. We are in the process of getting on the GSA schedule and that will include an even broader customer range.

  • Who would purchase a Leadership Development Program?

    The type of person that devotes themselves to excelling in their career will purchase this program. From seasoned executives that want to stay current to the aspiring want-to-be leader that craves more out of life.

  • Can you purchase more than one program?

    Yes, you can order 100,000+ Leadership Development Programs at one time. For the quickest response and to have your leaders starting the program in 24 hours - Email the Business Scientist directly at cbarton@futurethinkingconsulting.com and give her how many programs you need. She will send you an invoice, you pay the invoice and the programs will be available within 24 hours.

  • What is a Business Scientist and what makes them an expert on leadership?

    A Business Scientist uses the scientific method to gather, analyze and interpret data to help businesses make meaningful predictions and informed decisions. We underpin excellent management and business skills with scientific knowledge, supporting evidence-led decision making. What makes us special is that we never forget the human factor of the company. We are innovative and are comfortable thinking creatively.

  • What are some future trainings coming in 2022?

    Future Courses: Female Leadership Initiatives, Salespeople Optimization Training, Corporate Continuous Improvement, Value Stream Mapping, Culture Improvement Program, Effective Business Ethics Programs, Corporate Citizenship Program, Company Social Responsibility, Becoming Lean, and more!

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Catherine Barton, PhD

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Science reveals that when Coaching is combined with Leadership Development there is:

  • Improved executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
  • Improvements in organizational strengths (48%)
  • Gains in customer service (39%)
  • Increased retention of executives (32%)
  • Enhanced direct report/supervisor relationships (>70%)
  • Improved teamwork (67%)
  • Improved peer-to-peer working relationships (63%)
  • Great job satisfaction (52%)